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Financial Success Takes Planning

PAX Financial Planning are a financial planning and wealth management firm committed to guiding your clients through the entirety of their financial life. We have over 30 years of experience and a team of advisors who are all Qualified Financial Advisors fully regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

By collaborating with PAX Financial Planning, you will be able to extend your service portfolio to offer Financial Planning and Wealth Management to your clients. Which will enable you to provide a holistic approach to your client’s accounting and financial needs.

Financial Planning is an ongoing process that provides direction and meaning to your client’s financial decisions. It allows a client to understand how each decision that they make can impact other areas of their finances.

By viewing each financial decision as part of a wider strategy, your clients can consider the short and long term effect on their goals. By implementing a suitable financial plan to meet these goals, they will gain control and peace of mind, knowing that they are on track for the future they
want for themselves and their family.

The Financial Planning Process

  • We use our skills and experience to simplify the financial planning process.
  • We will help your clients to understand their current situation, to identify their goals and outline their financial aspirations.
  • We will then build a clear financial plan that is tailored to your client to protect and grow their wealth throughout their life time.

We are perfectly positioned to advise your clients how to protect, grow and replace their assets throughout their financial journey. We use tax efficient products that will reduce your clients tax liability while securing your clients financial security.


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In PAX we adopt a financial planning philosophy whereby we ensure that your client’s wealth is protected, then is grown and upon reaching retirement is replaced. We use the most tax efficient products in the market to provide the lifestyle that they desire when they stop working.


In this phase we need to protect your client’s primary asset, their income. In the event of illness, injury or death this asset ceases and could leave them, their dependents and their business exposed. We will secure your client’s income, ensuring that your client, their family and business will not suffer financially in what would already be very difficult circumstances.


This phase of our philosophy requires the most discipline and guidance. To increase wealth, a long-term wealth growth strategy needs to be defined and implemented. We will work with you and your client to build an investment portfolio that is suited to their risk appetite and to achieve their long-term goals.


This phase of our philosophy is to maximise your client’s retirement fund and to ensure that their assets are structured correctly so that benefits can be taken in the most tax efficient manner. If you build up a fund over your client’s working life you want to make sure that it lasts or will be there for their next of kin.

 Testimonials from Accountants

John McCarrick & Associates, Accountants and Tax Advisers

“John McCarrick and Associates’ expertise of Accounting and Auditing with Pax’s insight in solid financial planning will actively compliment our clients’ growth for years to come. We have built a solid business relationship with the team and we are energised to develop a new portfolio of services for our client bases together in 2019” 

JK, Accountant, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

“I have dealt with Paul Merriman for over 10 years now and found him extremely professional in all his dealings with me and my many clients. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.” 

Aoife Kelly, Kelly Accountants

“We have worked with Paul Merriman of Pax Asset Management for the last 12 years. We find him and the firm very professional and trustworthy to deal with. They have consistently provided advice which has led to exceptional returns for our clients. We have no hesitation in recommending both Paul Merriman and Pax Asset Management to our clients for all their pension requirements.” 

Meehan & Associates, Accountants and Tax Advisers

“Conor O’Hara of Pax Financial Planning has been engaged by our firm to provide expert pension and investment advice when needed for our clients. This is an area where our firm feels more comfortable with outsourcing to a specialist such as Conor and we have been extremely happy with how it has worked to date. We find Conor and his team hold a vast wealth of knowledge in this space.” 

Sandra Clarke FCA AITI Partner, BCC Accountants & Auditors

“ BCCA have used Pax Asset Management where expert pension, investment, and asset planning advice has been needed for our clients. We have found Pax to be professional, knowledgeable and informative in all interactions and an excellent value add on to our clients. We would be happy to recommend them going forward.”